Market report holiday properties Balearic Islands 2015 with neutral price level for Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca

CRES - Center for Real Estate Studies

The Steinbeis Institut Center for Real Estate Studies in Freiburg came to the conclusion that currently there are approx. 6,000 properties for sale on the Balearic Islands. Scientists investigated on behalf of Porta Mondial AG, license partner of Porta Mallorquina Real Estate, the offers of all leading real estate agencies in Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca.

Market volume: Menorca ahead of Ibiza

With approx. 4,000 properties for sale, the largest offer is also on the largest island of the archipelago, in Majorca. It is surprising, however, that with approx. 95,000 inhabitants the least populated island, Menorca, beats the neighbouring island of Ibiza (approx. 135,000 inhabitants) in regards to the market volume. Currently there are about 1,200 properties for sale, in Ibiza just under 900.


According to the director of studies Professor Marco Wölfle this is due to the ownership structure:

„The investigation has shown that properties in Ibiza are preferably purchased for an exclusive personal use. Properties are only sold if the owner either leaves the island or want to move to another property on the island.“

Something all the islands have in common is a tendency towards the southwest. On all the islands, this area is rather small, but it features the largest regional property offer (at least 20 %).

As expected, the scientists certified that mainly in Ibiza and Majorca, there is a high level of equipment, more than 40 % of the properties of the Balearic Islands belong to the luxury or upscale segment. For those preferring it to be simple, Menorca has the largest offer. Two thirds of the properties feature average equipment, 11 % of the properties offers have a rather simple design.


Mallorca and Ibiza – only for rich?

The location and the equipment of a property determine the price level. A beautiful view and luxurious equipment have its price also on the Balearic Islands. Nevertheless, also in sought after areas, investors can find some bargains.

In Majorca, the price per square meter varies between 2,210 € with a simple equipment in the northeast up to 7,170 €/sqm for a luxurious equipment in the southwest.

In Ibiza the price level is considerably higher. The average price shows how much the equipment has an influence on the price. According to the market study, the price range goes from an average of 2,670 €/sqm in the North up to 8,190 €/sqm in the luxury category. At the same time, both values are the cheapest and the most expensive prices per square meter on the main island. The island of Formentera belonging to Ibiza takes the lead of the Balearic Islands with average prices of more than 12,000 €/sqm, however, the market volume is incomparably small.

In terms of price, the island of Menorca is on another level as the touristic islands of Majorca and Ibiza. The mainly rural island has a price level between 2,400 €/sqm and approx. 3,300 €/sqm.

Ibiza_PreisRegionen_GB Mallorca_PreisRegionen_GB Menorca_PreisRegionen_GB

Prime locations on the Balearic Islands

The seafront promenade (Paseo Marítimo) of Ibiza-City is the most expensive residential area on the Balearic Islands. In second place is Cala San Vicente with just under 8,000 €/sqm, followed by Cala Jondal with approx. 7,600 €/sqm. Dalt Villa, the old town of Ibiza with approx. 7,200 €/sqm is in the 6th place. With Port d’Andratx in place 8, Majorca shows up for the first time on the hit list. The average price per square meter is 7,010 €. Palma de Mallorca, the „best place to live 2015“ according to the Sunday Times with an average price per square meter of 4,500 €/sqm is so far not among the top ten.

La Cala San Vicente in Ibiza is one of the most expensive resindential areas in the Balearic Islands.

Sought after sea view

Sea views are always very important for holiday properties on an island. Due to the strict building regulations, the space at the front coastline is limited with a corresponding high increase in price for sought after views to the Mediterranean. Depending on the area, the price increase for sea views can easily be over 50 %. The average in Majorca is +41 %, in Menorca + 37 % and in Ibiza +24 %.

Ibiza_PreisaufschlagMeerblick_GB Mallorca_PreisaufschlagMeerblick_GB Menorca_PreisaufschlagMeerblick_GB

Recommendation for investors

The scientist came to the conclusion that on the Balearic Islands there are various possibilities for investing larger and smaller amounts. The Balearic Islands have to be viewed differently due to their diverse characteristics. While from the point of view of a capital investor Majorca is particularly striking, Ibiza is especially attractive to wealthy owner-occupiers having a preference for exclusivity. Menorca is advisable for investors intending to occupy a property mainly themselves and at the same time make a reasonable investment.

Especially in both capital of the islands, Ibiza-City and Palma de Mallorca, there is a high price level per square meter. Influenced by the wish to go on holiday and nonetheless live in an urban area with the advantages of a city, investors are prepared to pay higher amounts than for a comparable property in the rural area of the islands.

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