Maxi Kümpel and Kent Steinbach – a portrait of our franchise partners Palma West

The island’s capital Palma is the pulsating centre of the island where almost every second inhabitant lives, where the most restaurants can be found and where the cultural life of Mallorca is centred. Sometimes you have the feeling that you feel at home in a particular city, and this was the case with Maxi Kümpel and Palma.

The lively lady from Dusseldorf exudes the same vitality experienced in the streets of Palma’s old town, and her  temperament seems to be more Spanish than German (whereby I have been advised that the mentality of people from the Rhine area of Germany is very similar to that of the Spanish).

The western part of Palma offers fantastic views of the old town and the cathedral. Due to the high demand, Porta Mallorquina opens a second real estate shop there.
The western part of Palma offers fantastic views of the old town and the cathedral. Due to the high demand, Porta Mallorquina opens a second real estate shop there.

This is confirmed by her partner Kent Steinbach, a successful restaurateur from Düsseldorf who was co-owner and manager of ” Mojito’s Fine Cocktailbar ” in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen.

His open, friendly nature makes him very suitable for sales, but at the same time Kent also has the business-management knowledge required to run a real estate business. The decision to change from the rainy Rhine area to this sunny Mediterranean island originated from the Porta Mondial network.

Maxi Kümpel and Kent Steinbach have taken over the Porta Mallorquina franchise license for Palma-West since 1 March 2019.

From Porta Mondial Dusseldorf to Porta Mallorquina Palma

Maxi Kümpel has been working at Porta Mondial in Düsseldorf since 2015, initially as a real estate consultant then more recently as expansion manager for Germany, during which time she studied at EBZ Bochum for two years and achieved a “Real Estate B.A.” as an additional qualification. At various Porta Mondial events and during private holidays she learned to appreciate and love Mallorca.

In private life and in business a good team – Maxi and Kent, our new franchise partners for Palma West.

“I very much liked Palma in particular, and when I heard that Porta Mallorquina was planning a second shop there I realised that this was our chance”, Maxi remembers.

Together with her partner the idea became a concept, and at the end of 2018 the final decision was made to say ‘Goodbye Germany’ and to emigrate to the island. Since March 1st 2019 they have already been doing business with their first customers in the Palma West region.

“Particularly for us as newcomers Palma as a sales region is ideal, as we can fall back on established sales structures and start work immediately with an attractive portfolio. Due to the Porta Mondial network I know how the system works and so we were able start straight away,”

says a delighted Maxi.

The new sales region Palma-West

Its catchment area includes the entire western part of the capital including the nightlife-district Santa Catalina, the new entertainment hotspot El Terreno, and the Paseo Maritimo as far as Porto Pí. The desirable residential area  of Son Vida is also included.

Privately they live in in Sa Teulera, a district which was always popular with locals due to its convenient and quiet location, but is now increasingly being discovered by foreign investors who have realised that it offers fantastic views over the city  and the sea.  Their favourite location for their real estate shop is the Paseo Maritimo and they are currently viewing the first potential properties. The opening is to take place in Herbst.

We wish Maxi and Kent all the best and a good start to their future at Porta Mallorquina!