5 good reasons to purchase a property on the Costa Blanca now

You love the sun, the beach and the sea? You would like to relax in wonderful surroundings on the sea and enjoy life? Then the Costa Blanca, a stretch of coast in the province of Alicante, is the perfect place for you!

The coastline of the Costa Blanca is reminiscent of Mallorca. Real estate is much cheaper there than on the Balearic Islands.

The Spanish coast is not far away from Germany and offers innumerable possibilities throughout the year. Have you thought about investing in a holiday home? Then in our guide we would like to present you with 5 good reasons for the purchase of a property, and answer all your questions regarding the purchase.

1. The world loves Alicante and the Costa Blanca

Improved economic prospects, stable prices, and designers who place great value on new accents and features within their architectural designs: In the Costa Blanca region optimism is spreading. Adios a la crisis!

”Construction in the southern section has been increasing since 2013, and during this year the upswing has reached the north”.

Marc Pritchard, Spanish sales director for Taylor Wimpey, a building developer from Great Britain.

Apart from the wonderful beaches throughout the Costa Blanca, the market values of real estate support the purchase of a property here. Objects which have stood empty for a long time due to the crisis period are now offered cheaply by banks.

Parallel to this the demand for newly-built objects in the region is increasing. This is a further indication of the flourishing real estate market and of the fact that the market share of properties bought from banks is declining compared to new constructions. Due to the large numbers of tourists who travel to Spain every year on holiday, investors are particularly happy with the developement of the market.

Now Spanish banks are once again granting loans to private buyers to finance the purchase of real estate – it is even possible to borrow around 50 per cent of the price of the property. The positive dynamic of the Spanish economic data across the country increases the interest from abroad, and Spanish real estate on this picturesque coast is particularly popular with the Dutch, Belgiens, and Scandinavians. Added to that the British, thanks to their strengthened currency, have returned the the property investment market. Thus the constant upward tendency of the market has been proved over several years.

2. The Costa Blanca is not getting any bigger

It sounds so simple but is nevertheless true – the really beautiful areas around the loveliest Spanish coastal region are limited. In which regions, however, are the best properties?

Characteristic for the Costa Blanca is a north-south division regarding prices and locations. In the north there are wonderful beaches, secluded bays with cliffs and rocky promontories. Exciting coastal scenery is created by the spurs of mountain chains which stretch across the beaches directly into the sea.

Especially in the northern section of the Costa Blanca beckon dreamlike, small bays.

As a year-round tourist magnet Benidorm, with the highest buildings in Spain, provides a very individual market with good prices. Apartments, for example, are offered for between 80.000 and 250.000 euros. Since the 70’s diverse villa urbanisations with luxury complexes have been built a little way outside the holiday region. These range from El Campanello with the well-known region Coveta Fuma further along the coast to the areas of Altea, Moraira, Benissa Costa and Javes as far as Denia.

These areas have, in fact, proved to be the ideal locations for wonderful, luxurious houses and villas. The spectacular views over the steep coast reach as far as the beach and over the slopes of the foothills of the mountains. Offers for these dream houses range from 400.000 to 1.5 million euros. There are, however, apartments in Benissa and other regions which can be purchased more cheaply, and Porta Mondial will be pleased to assist you with the optimal choice of your dream property.

3. Investment objects for holiday renting

You would like your dream property to be in use when you yourself are not there? Thanks to the liberalisation of the tourist rental laws for owners of vacant properties this has become relatively easy, and the licence required to do this is now easily available.

But how can the potential returns be assessed? The income from rent is more than atractive. Depending on location and facilities a villa in Denia can take in between 3.200 and 4.400 euros per week. A luxury object such as a villa in Javea brings, dependant on location and equipment level, similar returns. Speak to your real estate broker for valuable tips and tricks – it is always advisable, particularly during the fulfillment of your lifelong dream, to  seek expert advice.

An initial summary and overview:

Mediterranean flair on a stretch of coast of 220 kms, 300 days sunshine per year, wonderful beaches and spectacular landscapes are surely good reasons why the popularity of the Costa Blanca is constantly increasing. Over the last 50 years in the province of Alicante residential zones and a touristic, very professional infrastructure has grown next to old Spanish villages. In the meantime there are 17 golf courses and a total of 19 marinas on this picturesque coast.

In addition Benidorm is characterised by by its colourful nightlife throughout the year. The town offers a wide spectrum of family offers with theme parks like Mundomar, Terra Mitica and Aqualandia. Walking enthusiasts also find ideal excursions in the countryside from where they can enjoy breathtaking landscapes with fantastic views over the beaches on the coast. Picturesque Altea convinces as an artists’ village and is, therefore, ideal for art lovers. The culinary offers are rounded off with top-quality restaurants in Javea, Denia and Moraira.

4.  The prices are rising

As mentioned earlier the overall price developement in the charming coastal region of Alicante has progressed in a more than positive fashion. Are the rising prices of the previous years already too expensive for investors? No, because you can still purchase a villa in Denia or an apartment in Benissa at an acceptable entry level.

The Costa Blanca is a fantastic bathing paradise with 300 days of sunshine a year

This can be explained with the following example: For luxury properties such as a villa in Javea investors on the Costa Blanca pay significantly less than on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Meanwhile it has become more difficult to find top-quality properties or building land in prime locations like Moraira or Javea. What’s happening? More and more old buildings are being demolished so that the land can be reconstructed. As a result wonderful new standards are being set and the good quality of the buildings speaks for itself. More and more foreign investors are seeking a domicile in Alicante in order to slow down from everyday life. This underlines the rentability of all objects as well as the price developement of the market in Alicante.

5. Professional support – find your dream property with Porta Mondial!

Finally we would like to summarise the facts once again for you: Prices on the Costa Blanca have risen moderately during the last few years. The Spanish market, however, is still far away from the price levels in central Europe. This attractive coastal segment is still far below the pre-crisis level. For this reason not only the experts from Porta Mondial are of the opinion that the world is gaining interest in this small real estate market. The amount of available land is limited, a good reason for entry into the market.

Those who buy today will probably be rewarded with increasing prices. No matter whether they are considering private use or are thinking about real estate as an investment – the investment at the moment is more valuable than ever. We will show you, with our diverse portfolio, that the right property for you is available. So do not wait too long – we will be pleased to advise you without obligation so that you too can profit from the exciting Spanish real estate market.