Passionate market presence

Up to now, the Porta Mondial Group has only operated in Germany under the name “Porta Mondial”. In Spain, however, the brokerage group has been operating under different regional brands such as “Porta Andalucia”, “Porta Ibiza”, “Porta Tenerife”. This should change from 2018. As Porta Mondial AG CEO, Joachim Semrau announced at an international partner conference in Mallorca in November, the real estate franchise, which focuses on holiday real estate, will in future appear in all markets under the name “Porta Mondial”.

Unified real estate brands in Spain

“A joint brand presence in Spain and Germany strengthens the level of awareness, and immediately signals to the customer that this is a company group.”,

Joachim Semrau justifies the decision. The only exception is the franchise partner on Mallorca, which is one of the island’s best known and largest estate agencies, operating under the name “Porta Mallorquina“. This strong brand would remain as it is for the time being, the CEO confirmed.

New umbrella brand. As of 2018, Porta Tenerife, Porta Andalucia, Porta Ibiza and Porta Menorquina will all operate under the same name “Porta Mondial”. Only in Mallorca will the name “Porta Mallorquina” remain present at the eight locations on the island.

Common real estate portal

On,  all real estate offers from the international network can now be found, from Mallorca to Hamburg. The franchise offer and all information relevant to the company has been relocated to the new group website .

Homes & Holiday AG  based in Munich acts as holding company of the franchise provider, the real estate company Porta Mondial AG and the holiday rental company Porta Holiday, which will be connected in January 2018 as subsidiaries to Homes & Holiday AG. The franchise partners in Spain welcomed the decision to combine all real estate locations under one brand. Over the next year, the regional sites,, and will be directly diverted to the Porta Mondial Real Estate Portal.

New brand slogans

In the course of the reorganisation of the brand structure, the claims of the group were also revised. Despite the different industries, all businesses have something in common: the passion for their profession. This common ground will be signalled in the future by appropriate slogans.

From now on in the real estate agency, Porta Mondial and Porta Mallorquina real estate agents will add the brand suffix: “Your home. Our passion “. The holiday rental company Porta Holiday point out their focus on tourism with the slogan: “Your holidays. Our passion “.