Porta Mondial opens first real estate shop in Menorca

Foreigners are increasingly discovering the holiday property market of Mallorca’s little sister.

On the 30.07.2018 Porta Mondial officially opened its newest real estate shop in the island’s capital. Accompanied by fingerfood and live music from the well-known local band Paolo and the Peas around 100 guests celebrated at the Avenida Fort de L’Eau 175 in the centre of Mahón until the evening hours.

Porta Mondial sales manager Spain, Thorsten Kaiser (left) and Porta Mallorquina managing director Ralf Spielvogel (2nd from left) congratulated office manager Ramon Fritz Navarro and his team on the successful opening of the first real estate shop in Menorca.

Ramon Fritz Navarro is happy about the new location:

„Our real estate shop is located on the roundabout which leads to the old town and the harbour. Customers can park conveniently and there are lots of shops, banks, bars and restaurants in the neighbourhood“.

The proximity to the airport was another advantage for opening the first real estate shop here. Ramon Fritz Navarro grew up in Menorca and knows the Balearic island intimately. Porta Mondial has been marketing holiday properties here since 2016, and at the end of 2017 Ramon and his sister Sara took over the sales area and now manage the real estate shop in Mahón.

Impressions of the opening celebrations



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Regional Expertise in Menorca

Before moving into the real estate business they worked in tourism, an industry where their parents have made a name for themselves. Their mother was involved in the touristic development of Ciutadella and their father was the first official hiking guide in Menorca. His passion for the mountains was handed down to his son who prefers to spend his spare time on the untouched high ground of Menorca.

„Our family is very famous on the island. My sister and I speak six languages so we can serve clients from all over Europe in their own language, an advantage much appreciated by the Menorcan owners,“ explains Ramon.

In his opinion now is the ideal time to ‘show the flag’ with a representative real estate shop. More and more foreign buyers, particularly the French and the British, are discovering Mallorca’s little sister and Ramon can understand his clients’ enthusiasm:

Attraktive Immobilienpreise auf Menorca

„Menorca is the jewel of the Balearic islands. Not as crowded as Mallorca and Ibiza it impresses ever more visitors with its unspoilt nature and with beaches which are often empty, even in the middle of summer. Added to that are Mahon and Ciutadella with their historic centres, boulevards and promenades, inviting the visitor to spend some time.“

For the last two years, Menorca’s property sales have been continually rising with around 1,900 properties sold in 2017 according to Ministereo de Fomento. This is an increase of 20% compared with the previous year. With strict building regulations the island government wants to preserve the authenticity of the island thus ensuring the value of the holiday real estate, a quarter of which is concentrated in each of the regions Mahón and Ciutadella .

Menorca is a classical seasonal market – those who buy here usually spend the summer months on the island. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable compared to its sister islands.

„Those looking for bargains in Mallorca will find them in Menorca“,

summarises Ramon concerning the price situation for holiday properties in Menorca.

Despite the relatively short distances involved the Porta Mondial Menorca office manager does not expect that customers from the western center of the island, Ciutadella, will travel the approximately 40 km to Mahón:

„For the locals 40 minutes by car is like a small round-the-world trip.“,

, smiles the real estate expert. For this reason within the further expansion plans a second real estate shop in Ciutadella is planned in order to be able to offer the same on-site service to customers in the north, as is currently the case in the south of Menorca.