Fairs and events in 2013

We are taking part in the following fairs and events in 2013. We look forward to speaking with you. Talk to us on site or make an appointment in advance with us.

IVD and EIA Business Start-Up Week(s)

23.02.2013 to 11.04.2013. Those wishing to know more can meet us during the second Business Start-Up Week(s) run by the IVD (German Real Estate Industry Confederation) and the EIA (European Real Estate Academy) at events in Leipzig, Cologne, Hanover, Ulm, Berlin, Hamburg, Potsdam and Frankfurt.

23.02.2013 – Leipzig
05.03.2013 – Cologne
06.03.2013 – Hanover
13.03.2013 – Ulm
14.03.2013 – Berlin
20.03.2013 – Hamburg
21.03.2013 – Potsdam
11.04.2013 – Frankfurt

Porta Mondial in Saarbruecken
Porta Mondial AG CEO Joachim Semrau talking to the founders stock in Saarbruecken. We always look forward to talking with you.